About us

Degcraft - one of the oldest and famous company on MMORPG RMT ( Real Money Trade ) market. Since 2011 our extra quality service allows our customers have a more enjoyable gaming experience. Our partnership with world top raiding guilds allows us to provide gear from top raiding content, our working methods are safe and all transactions are secure.
Degcraft Features:

  • Serious level of Security and customers accounts information protection.
  • SSL ( TLS v1.0 256 bit AES ). No one can intercept and decode data transfer between your browser and Degcrafts webserver. We continuously research additional measures that can be implemented to ensure that your registered information is safe.
  • Anonymity and Confidentiality. Yes, that is important for us do not let everyone around know about your character get leveled, even more, our follows of gamming MMO traditions build up friendly relations with another players around. We do not share our customer characters, do not sell it and even do not demand some delicate information like Real Life names and Credit Card Numbers.
  • Only Pro gammers working in Degcraft We do not have on board any players who never played at least in top10 World guilds, and had no high-end hardcore raiding experience.
  • TheoryCrafters - another part of our professionality, we can not only keep long time online but and totaly understand all game mechanics, stat values, boss fights, tricks and secret moments.
  • No bots and third programs even around. Our pro gamers do not use any bot or another automatical methods of leveling, playing. Quality of providing job do not even possible with it. Best guaranty - amount of quest complete. For 1-85 its over 1200 for each character !
  • Guaranted Result - Degcraft keep promises up, and allways provide services, working codes, gears. We keep raiding for you, untill you not get everything what you paid for.
  • Refund Policy : . In case we do not fulfill a customer's order on time or the customer does not want to keep the order any more, the customer can ask for a full or partial refund at any time.
  • Web 2.0 website and Advanced Order Tracking system allows you get update information about progress in any time you want from your Degcraft account.
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