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haider | May 03, 2012
One of the best sites ever, Highly professional people, i ordered a T13.5 set and it was delivered within 1 week only with bounce items and they've done all the enchantment and reforging for the new items. I'm more than happy and i recommend them to improve your charterer.
Joe D. | Jul 07, 2012
Just recived mount from Firelands with few bonus items.
Robertt | Aug 23, 2012
Bought Ragnaros mount and recived mount and few bonus items on my char in 1 day. My reccomendations to all who not sure yet.
Anonymity | Aug 31, 2012
Best site around, they leveled my char 70 - 85 in 2 days, and started my order after 5 min, also they provide daily updates on my email. Very Statisficed.
Richard | Sep 10, 2012
I am satisfied, mount from Ragnaros with bonus items was delivered within two days. I can recommend this website for anyone who not used Degcraft !
Ricky | Sep 27, 2012
I Purchased 85-90 power leveling fast package, and they already finished it !!! That's not my first order, and for sure I'll buy gear from this guys later.
Anonymity | Oct 10, 2012
I used this website many times, and they always delivery exectly what did I pay for. Once they even refund my money when I changed my mind. Good and Safe service!
Sanches | Oct 17, 2012
Hello and great thanks ! You help me start getting fun once again. After your work on my character I'm enjoying comfortable gameplay :)
Dwalimar | Nov 02, 2012
I bought 1-90 Basic package for my monk, and they started it in 20 mins. I recived every day reports and recived my character back after 8 days. They also leveled two professions up to 450 for free as bonus and 6k gold with fast fly skill learned. Over 2 weeks passed and my account in fine condition and no problems with account sharing. My recomendations for everyone who still doubt !
- | Nov 10, 2012
Thank you,
Fast and Professional.
Kevin | Nov 16, 2012
Always recived my orders even faster than Eastimated time, and never ever had any problems, account in same condition as before but with fresh leveled panda monk. My recomendations for everyone !
Marco | Nov 21, 2012
Purchased 463 package, and recived 465 with few Pandaria epics. Thanks you for good job !
Larry | Dec 01, 2012
Thank you for swift delivery. Will come again :)
ANNIKA | Dec 14, 2012
The best service what I ever used. Fast and responsive support who always know whats going on and whats next. Recived new character leveled 1-90 for 7 days !
Thank you very much :)
Peter | Dec 30, 2012
Thanx for this really fast service.
mr.Xbob | Jan 10, 2013
Amazing service ! I was afraid to share my wow account first, but after I'd decide go for it, I recived 1-90 character and get geared to 475 instead promised 470 ! 3 weeks passed and my wow account in same good condition :)
Greg | Jan 30, 2013
Can say only good words about the service, fast delivery and very responsive support. Will come again.
Tommy | Feb 12, 2013
Good and responsible service, just finished my 1-90 fast leveling and its take 6 days. Thank you for fast delivery.
Anonymity | Feb 21, 2013
This is LEGIT service, not a scam. Get here my character leveled up and geared up. 10 / 10
peter | Feb 27, 2013
Degcraft is legit and good service, trust them ! I did many purchases since Cataclysm and always recived in time and with bonus items.
Dan | Mar 12, 2013
Purchased Malevolent Gladiator's Gear ( 475 ) and recived it after 3 Days. They did mostly dungeons and I recived pve gear as bonus for FREE :)
Anonymity | Mar 23, 2013
Fast delivery, great service 10 / 10
Ahmed | Apr 13, 2013
The Best service around ! Fast delivery, responsible and good, will come again.
Joe | Apr 29, 2013
Thank you, will come again
Andreas | May 13, 2013
As always fast, thank you
Aimee Wiley | Jun 02, 2013
True service without "surprises" 10 / 10
Abadi | Jun 07, 2013
Get geared my low 90. Fast and Relable service, support respond to emails in 3 min.
Alfred | Jun 28, 2013
Good, Fast and relable service
Anonym | Jul 03, 2013
Fotm service ! :) Leveling my characters with those guys much easier than farting on the air ! xD
Dave Jh | Sep 12, 2013
The process of placing order only took me 3 minutes, they started leveling my shaman after 10 mins, and finished on 1 day faster than promised. Never ever had any problems with blizzard after it, and my account in good standing. Now I'm thinking about purchasing some 5.4 cool gear.
Anonymity | Oct 20, 2013
Fast and Responsive website, 10 / 10 They leveled my toon in 5 days from 1 to 90.
bob | Nov 07, 2013
good website, really fast power leveling and not a scam. 3 Weeks passed since they finished and my account in same good condition, never had any problems with blizzard
Anonymity | Dec 07, 2013
Thank you for fast delivery !
Christopher H. | Dec 13, 2013
Amazing website. Purchased Heroic Garosh mount, received it after 1 week( they played on my mage in they own raid ), blizzard didn't mind against account sharing lol
Definitely will come again
Anonymity | Feb 17, 2014
Legit Website. Fast Delivery, good and responsive support 10 / 10
Stacy | Mar 11, 2014
Best website ever, they help me keep my characters in good shape, I never grind and always have fun.
Yezan | Apr 15, 2014
Purchased on this website Diablo 3 Legendaries farm, they started after 10 mins, package include 5 random legendary items but I was lucky and get Thunderfury for my Barb ( never seen it drop ever ), legit good and responsive website, will come again.
John | Jun 09, 2014
I was afraid to account share first time, but they asked me to attach authenticator to my account and it was the safest way ever. They get my Diablo 3 character geared and leveled up to 350 paragons very fast, over a week passed and my account in the same good state as before.

Very professional and fast service.
Anonymity | Sep 10, 2014
I bought 14 HM Loot Run and get over 20 items and full T16 set, very good service, I'll come again.
John Snow | Nov 17, 2014
Very impressive, I bought on this awesome website Fast 90-100 leveling, and get my level 100 char back after 12 hours. 10 / 10 Keep up the good work !
Joakim | Dec 14, 2014
Awesome fast and safe service, purchased on this website power leveling and get my character back Level 100 in 9 hours.
Mark | Jan 17, 2015
Professional service, fast delivery, bought here raid gear, get almost full 670 gear set, Will come again !
John D. | Mar 01, 2015
Awesome and fast service, they geared up my toon to full 680 heroic gear just in 2 weeks, I'll come again
Inna Z. | Mar 24, 2015 is awesome!
Thrall | Apr 29, 2015
100% Safe and Awesome service, fast delivery and nice support.
J.D. | Jun 24, 2015
Thank you for fast delivery !
Sigmund | Aug 15, 2015
We were treated like royalty. You guys rock!
John | Nov 17, 2015
Legit service, fast delivery and good support !
Rmoncadan | Feb 03, 2016
Awesome website,  a pleasure to do business with !
dontsay | Aug 15, 2016
Highly trusted website, can recommend for everyone who looking for a wow boost.
Anonym | Oct 24, 2016
Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
Alois | Dec 28, 2016
Pleasure to purchase here
Jane | Feb 14, 2017
Impressive work ! Awesome website helped me max my artifact weapon.
- | Mar 06, 2017
Easy and fast service, can recommend for everyone !
Tomi D. | Mar 25, 2017
Great website, always keep boosting service on the best level, pleasure to purchase here.
WOWer | Apr 05, 2017
Degcraft offer an outstanding service. They provide fast service with an exceptional level of support. Safe and Secure wow boost.
Emil | Apr 12, 2017
Thank you so much!! This was a really great experience im gonna recommend to my friends!
Saeed | Apr 20, 2017
Thanks your work is amazing
Raphaël | Apr 23, 2017
Thank you very much
Bestmageeu | Jun 14, 2017
Most impressive powerleveling website ever, thank you for awesome work !
johanna | Jul 09, 2017
Very solid and fast boosting service for WoW: Legion Characters.
Alice | Aug 03, 2017
Fast and responsive WoW Boosting service. Thank you so much
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