Artifact Traits Power Leveling

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Service Includes:
Artifact Power: 8,645,260
We grind about 10k-20k base ap per day!
Every 5 days we'll start next Artifact Knowledge Research
Artifact Power farming in Mythic+ dungeons, world quests.
The booster will log at your desired time and do all world quests and Mythic+ dungeons every day.
Our Artifact Power calculator takes into account Artifact Knowledge increase every 3 days, that make price per million much lower and give more Artifact Power per day.
For the first month of 7.2 patch we offer up to Artifact Knowledge 35 and up to 52/101 Artifact Traits Boosting. More Artifact Trait levels will be added later.
Level 110 character
Artifact Knowledge Level: 26
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Estimated Delivery Time:
1-2 Days (Based on Artifact Research Speed: 5 Days)
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